Permanently Boost Store Revenue
Without Increasing Ad Spend

Done-For-You Ecommerce Email Marketing

We’ve all seen how much paid ads have risen in cost over the last few years.
Adblock is on the rise, Facebook is stagnating, and paid ads are getting more popular. This trend isn’t slowing down.
So as a store owner, where do you turn when the well dries up?

You're Sitting on a Goldmine Already

Many stores are doing email halfheartedly, while those doing it well bring in an extra 35% in sales.

If you could snap your fingers and boost your revenue by a third, what would that do for you?
I’m Marcus, and I bring retail stores out of their reliance on paid ads.
I’m here make your realize the value of what you already have: your email list. 
With email you can foster deep emotional relationships with your customers. 
And you can create unforgettable buying experiences. Buying experiences that make people pile up on your doorstop waiting to buy your next product.
If you want to future-proof your business (and make every ad cent count), book a no-pressure chat with me today.

Marcus is one of the only freelancers I’ve worked with who actually had a process — a sign of a true professional who cares about client experience.

He did ample research and aimed to understand the target audience and end goal, wrote clearly and concisely (without sounding “salesy”), and guided the process so that I knew what to expect and when to expect it. I can highly recommend him!

Rae Targos

Owner, Productive Co.

Marcus is a top performer. He helped us to get on a right track with our marketing messaging. Would definitely work again with him again!

Eugene Konrad

Owner, Logopony

I worked with Marcus on a highly conversion focused project. This project went really well, in a large part thanks to some very compelling copy. Appreciate the work, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire again 🙂 Thanks Marcus!

Samantha Winnicki

Content Strategist, Digital360